Sincerely, the Bride


Have questions about your dress buying experience? Get the answers you need here.

Do I need an appointment? To guarantee a dressing room we suggest booking an appointment, but walk-ins are always welcome and subject to availability.

When should I make my appointment? Most people are shocked to find out that you generally need to purchase a wedding gown 9-12 months before your wedding date. Standard production time for a wedding gown is 4-6 months to produce from the factory and 2 weeks to 1 month to ship to us.  Then you need to allow 2-3 months for alterations.

What if I don’t have 9 months? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Some designers have in-stock options, and we can always sell you a sample gown from the sales floor. We will take care of you, whatever your timeline.

What is the average dress price in your store? We try to carry a gown for almost every budget, but the bulk of our store falls within the $1.3k to $2.8k range, which is the average for the Portland Metro Area. Refer to our Designers Page where each designer’s price range is listed.  

What should I know before I arrive? Have a budget and be ready to purchase a gown if you fall in love. “Just looking” doesn’t usually work with wedding gowns, because you will probably find THE dress! If you aren’t ready, there are no guarantees your perfect gown will be here when you decide to buy. Designers discontinue gown styles with no warning and we bring in new collections from our designers two times a year. We hate seeing broken hearts, so we want you to be prepared and ready to buy when the time is right.

Do you carry plus size? Absolutely! We have a variety of sample sizes and styles in-store ranging up to size 24. In addition, certain designers make gowns in extended sizes from size 20-28.

How many people can I bring? We are an intimate boutique so it is highly recommended to keep your party small - up to about 5 people. Too many different opinions can be overwhelming and confusing. Small children should stay home so you can focus on you and we can provide the same amazing experience to other brides in the store.  This allows for a more enjoyable and successful experience for everyone. Also make sure you bring your most important members! If you need Mom’s opinion, schedule on a day when she is available so you can feel the most confident in your choice!

How long are your appointments? Your Sincerely experience will take about 2 hours from start to finish. Can I bring Champagne? Sure! However, we offer an in-house selection of champagne, sparkling cider and water, but we do have a 2 glass maximum. In addition, we are not legally allowed to send an “open bottle” with you at the end of your appointment. We do want you to celebrate and enjoy this amazing experience.

Do you offer in-house alterations? Most gowns need alterations to fit perfectly, as your gown is ordered from a size chart and not created to your exact measurements. We do not have an in-house seamstress, however, we do have a preferred seamstress list that we recommend. These talented ladies specialize in bridal alterations for a perfect fit and can add personal touches if desired. These seamstresses are not employed by Sincerely, The Bride but have worked on hundreds of our brides’ gowns.

Do you offer financing? We do, through I Do Lending, Refer to our Financing page for more information.