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Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Sincerely, the Bride carries Morilee by Madeline Gardner. Madeline Gardner’s sensational wedding dresses have been the guiding force behind MoriLee’s remarkable success.

Morilee by Madeline Gardner ($1.1k - $2k)

Morilee by Madeline Gardner dresses are truly magical.  Her amazing designs have been making millions of brides’ dreams come true all around the world. In each of Madeline Gardner’s gowns you will notice an emphasis on the elaborate beaded details and her use of rich and sumptuous fabrics. She recognizes the importance of making sure her dresses are timeless while keeping up with the most contemporary trends and styles. Knowing that fit is everything, all of her dresses feel custom tailored, a perfect match to make you feel as good as you look.

Morilee Wedding Dress 1
Morilee Wedding Dress 4
Morilee Wedding Dress 2
Morilee Wedding Dress 5
Morilee Wedding Dress 3
Morilee Wedding Dress 6